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Council Information

Introduction about the work of the Council

The Community Council represents the tier of government closest to the people. The Council is responsible to their local electorate. The Council consists of seven elected Councillors. The Council operates in accordance with statutory powers and duties.

Up until 1974 the Council was known as the Llanwinio Parish Council. The Council became the Llanwinio Community Council following the Local Government Act of 1972.

The Council is accountable to local people and has a duty to represent the interests of the different parts of the community equally. The role of the Council is to promote the local area, represent its interests and support the work of local community groups. We try to ensure that local perspectives are considered when decisions are being taken that affect our community.

The Council works closely with Carmarthenshire County Council representing the interests of the community.

During 2017/18 the Community Council has been working in partnership with Carmarthenshire County Council in order to improve public access to footpaths across Llanwinio. 

We would like to remind all landowners who have footpaths crossing their land that all public footpaths may be walked by any member of the public at any time and it is unlawful to deny access to, or to harass any person legitimately using any right of way.

 Llanwinio Community Council provide the following services:

  • Meets the cost of electricity at the Llanwinio Community Hall.
  • Public information signs and notice boards
  • Public seating and bus shelters
  • Public street lighting
  • War memorial
  • Purchased Blaenwaun playing field for community use.